Knights Templar

St.Helier Preceptory 280

Consecrated 25th September 1936
Recorder - A.D.J.Rosser
Telephone - 01534.483615
email - A.D.J.Rosser

Traces of the Masonic Knights-Templar rites were first found in England in the 1760s, and in many cases appear to have been worked in Royal Arch Chapters. Despite the insertion of the words "including the degrees of orders of chivalry" in the Act of Union of the two Grand Lodges in 1813, the Knights Templar ceremonies appeared to have ceased operations until the end of the eighteenth century when attempts to build a Convent General incorporating England Ireland and Scotland ceased. Each of the Sovereign bodies reverted to independence and as far as England is concerned, the order is controlled by the Grand Priory of England.